The toxicity of continuing liquid discharges and Filter Plates

The Toxicity Of Continuing Liquid Discharges And Filter Plates

The toxicity of continuing liquid discharges and Filter Plates

In Gardanne (Bouches-du-Rhône), 30 kilometers north of Marseille, he is respectfully called the "old lady". Statement. But the fear of the closure of the plant and losing its 400 jobs, relayed by many politicians, dissuades the local dispute, and allows the Filter Plates Manufacturers industrialist Alteo to stay to benefit from exemptions. 

The location of your plant is therefore ideal. And those born 40 typical will remember that they learned to swim from the pool built by Pechiney. The moment, this fuel is needed along the way of manufacturing alumina, as well as bauxite produced in the Var, and soda, made in Marseille.Among the toxicity of continuing liquid discharges and the spread of red mud now stored from the open, some voices are endeavoring to draw attention to persistent co2. From the very beginning, the employer instituted a paternalistic policy to be able to integrate its employees, most of these immigrants.

 It is the oldest factory on earth still in operation. It also generates a memory consensus that's difficult to question.. " In the century, the factory now operated through the company Alteo has built an integral part of the urban space and has materially interwoven in the city. "

The Gardannais over 80 years will let you know that they went to seek treatment inside dispensary of the plant, mentioned François-Michel Lambert, MP for this Union of Democrats and Ecologists (UDE, created by elected officials having quit Europe ecology - The Greens) of Bouches-du-Rhône. It can be an alumina production plant a built in 1894 by the Pechiney number, in a mining town wherever coal is then mined. However, this production of alumina, a white powder now found in the manufacture of LCD privacy screens, industrial ceramics and refractories - and also in weapons and nuclear machines - has generated since its inception a large mass of waste.


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