The study of a search for a solution was entrusted to Filter Plates

The Study Of A Search For A Solution Was Entrusted To Filter Plates

The study of a search for a solution was entrusted to Filter Plates

At that time, ıt had been not yet known how to manage water for fluoride and arsenic at the same time. It was then necessary to fight difficult to acquire the financing.

The study of a search for a solution was entrusted to a good independent laboratory which installed pilots and lastly found a solution. An addition of ferric chloride assists you to oxidize the Chamber Filter Plates arsenic which is then retained for the anthracite sand filters. After this first treatment, the water, purified associated with arsenic, is transferred into two stimulated alumina filters to reduce how much fluorine. The building permit is closed on June 19, 2012..

The wash water is directed into the discharge tank. In early 2012, the provider Gaz et Eaux and its co-contractors were selected for any construction of the treatment product. Filter washes ensure it is possible to maintain the purification characteristics. After regeneration of that filters, the fluorine is sent in the discharge tank, and the water inside drinking water tank to send. By using a pump, the water is despatched through three sand filters using anthracite.

The water distributed is now compliant with all the standards required since mid-March 2014, nine long years after the prefectural ban. From now about, water comes by gravity suitable sheet of raw water. A daily check is carried out by the technical agents in advance of distribution.Your Siaep, chaired at that time by René Cordillot, had taken the challenge head-on


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